Prepare my next destination Subang

Subang Jaya is situated in Klang Valley, Selangor, Malaysia. My friend in Tokyo, Japan called me up in Kawasaki and invited me for a perpetual vacation in Subang Jaya. Though, I never heard of Subang Jaya but I agreed on one condition that I would take my work along with me.


Eventually, both us met at Haneda Airport also known as Tokyo International Airport. At the Airport waiting lounge, I realized that I was quite unprepared as I didn’t pack several important stuffs. But, I didn’t worry as my best friend was along with me. He had a huge backpack with him along with heavy check in luggage.

I inquired about his luggage and he replied back that he planned to stay on a perpetual basis at Subang Jaya. We boarded our airline and reached safely at Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport in Selangor, Malaysia.

As usual, upon exiting the airport, we straight away pick up our car rental Kuala Lumpur where we booked online earlier and traveled Sunway Lagoon Resort. Surprisingly, we reached within few minutes as we took Subang Airport Highway. It helped us to avoid the rush hour resulting to smooth ride.

The Sunway Lagoon Resort is quite interesting theme park. It is internationally renowned for its rides and hospitality. We quickly checked into one of the best suites and readied ourselves for lunch. I quickly unpackaged my luggage and wore a comfortable dress to match the recreational activities planned for the evening.

My friend was hungry as he didn’t eat anything since we landed in Selangor. Fortunately, there were several restaurants with delicacies and fusion dishes from India, China and Italy etc. We opted for spicy Malaysian curry along with prawn and chicken.

The dish was great as it cooked in front of us with coconut curry and Malaysian & Indian spices. I asked my chef to put fewer chilis as I prefer moderate spicy food. The dish was served quickly with chopsticks and fork. The wooden chopsticks reminded me of my previous trip in Hong Kong.

We quickly ate our dish and went straight towards our rented car and drove all evening seeing various places such as Subang Ria Park and SS15 Commercial Park. The Subang Ria Park was truly splendid as it boosted a beautiful lake along with famous sea food restaurant. We dined over there for dinner. The restaurant served some of the great dishes. We had a hearty meal and enjoyed our trip to the fullest.