My next research – Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur is one of the most popular travel and tourism destinations in the South East Asian region. May people from across the globe plan their holidays in this capital city of the island country of Malaysia. This is the most visited travel destination in this region, because of the amazing landmarks, wonderful technological advancements and also the beautiful natural landscape that one can get all in one single trip.


Indian Food…

If you are an Indian and are looking for some fellow Indians in this city, then you must visit the small to medium sized town or rather a neighbourhood just outside the central Kuala Lumpur, namely the Brickfields. There is a high percentage of Indians in this region and that is why, Indian stores, restaurants, art and handicraft elements and items are available here in almost all of the stores, set up by the Indian businessmen here. Whether you are travelling by a car or by a local mode of conveyance, you must visit this place, for your quest of a bit of Indian-ness here.

A good car rental in Kuala Lumpur service is the best way for you to visit this neighbourhood, a user-friendly one is easybook car rental kuala lumpur.  Although you will have to walk down the alleys and streets to go through all the stores and restaurants in here, but for visiting from one end to the other, having a car will be the best. Even if you are planning to cover more than one tourist spots for visiting in one day, along with Little India, you can manage to do so, if you rent a car.

It is a perfect destination for the travellers to enjoy the traditional Indian food on banana leaf or Indian sweets. If you are an avid Indian food lover, then this is the best place for you to buy Indian spices and all kinds of Indian snacks and foods. Not only the food, but also the Indian handicrafts and textiles as well as art items are available here.


It is not only the Indians, who have their own community established in the heart of the city, but also the Chinese are there. Those, who have a deep liking for Chinese food like fresh and hot soups, stir fried foods as well as the Chinese dirt-cheap goods like imitation goods of branded and designer items; then this is the place that you must visit. People often come here by a rented car and bargain hard to buy Chinese spices, fashion and home décor goods and also electronic items. Visiting the Chinatown on Petaling Street is absolutely easy. Just choose your personal rented car and visit anywhere and everywhere across Kuala Lumpur on your own.