Enjoying a trip to Malaysia

Are you planning to visit Malaysia anytime soon? Malaysia is one of the most popular travelling and tourism destinations in the world, especially in the South East Asian Region. People from across the globe come to visit Malaysia for their holidays. If you are coming with a travelling agent or tourism company, then there is nothing that you need to think much about your convenience or comfort.

But, if you are one of those, who want to plan their travelling itineraries on their own and save a lot of money, then you can certainly follow this guideline for your trip. When you are travelling in Malaysia, you don’t want to miss out the ETS train service like KTM Johor Bahru. Malaysia is well connected with all its major and minor cities, towns and many of the Borneo islands. Even the neighbouring countries of Thailand and Singapore are also well connected with these major cities.

Travelling to Cameron highlands:


If you like green mountains with the clouds floating above and waterfalls and tranquil forests here and there, then Cameron Highland is the place that will simply stun you. You can visit this place from any part of the country when you travel in Malaysia. Cameron Highlands is well connected with buses and trains and it will cost very cheap to travel by these modes of conveyance.

Visiting Taman Negara:

Those, who are more drawn towards the national parks and wildlife, must visit Taman Negara, one of the oldest tropical rainforests that you can visit in this world. It is home to many endangered species. Tourists often come to this place from Kuala Lumpur and hence, you will find a number of buses and trains that will take you to this place.

Spending some time at Langkawi:

This archipelago in the Andaman Sea that clubs together about 99 islands is the most loved sea beach and coastal place in the country. You will find a number of ferries that will take you to Langkawi Island. You can choose the ferry that will suit your travelling time and you can certainly choose the port of your travel.  Just make sure that you book your ferry ticket on time, for a confirmed reservation.

Where to buy tickets for travelling?

Now that you have known the three major places of interest that you must visit when you travel in Malaysia, you need to know about the right place to purchase the tickets. There are many online ticket booking sites available in Malaysia that will help you to book your tickets online. You do not have to rush to the railway station or the bus stop to buy these tickets. These sites will offer you the options available for the buses and trains as well as the ferries and you can choose the one that suits your time. The best part of these sites is that you will also be able to ensure discounts that you will not find anywhere else.

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