My take on car rental in malaysia

It is like a dream come true for many of us who are looking forward to a well-planned vacation in Malaysia. You can also drive around the beautiful cities of this country and thoroughly enjoy yourself in a car of your choice. Don’t worry; you don’t need your own car to do so. You just need to select your preferred rental service. If you are thinking about your budget, instead of doing so, just visit the site of Easybook Here’s the link:

Below is one of the sample of car I book from easybook when I need it at KLIA airport.


You will see that even your budget has been taken care of, as you will get to choose from some of the cheapest service of Malaysia.

You need to decide your pickup location in advance. Hence make a note of which city you will going to first and more precisely your point of pickup. The other things you will be requiring are your date of pickup and return as well as the time. Once you mention those things in the site, you will be rewarded with loads of options to choose from. Just go ahead and pick up your favorite agency or car brand. If you are done with your selection, it will be followed with some simple steps to pay and book your car.

You might be going to visit the beautiful state of Penang (Penang Tourism) on your trip to Malaysia. Even then you will get the benefits of the affordable rental car services. You might be visiting the city for the first time and it is common in such cases to book a taxi at a higher price. However, the online platform serves you the benefit of paying the usual price and enjoying your travel without any hassles. You will get to choose from Toyota to Hyundai and many more, at a price starting from MYR100. If you are choosing Easybook to book your car rental service in Penang, you should be aware about the pickup points that are available. There are three of them and all are tourist favorite spots. The first one is Ayer Itam while the next one is the major township in Perai. The last one is in Penang Island.

A GPS connection might be a helpful assistant if you wish to drive on your own. This will help you out if you lose your way while exploring all the magnificent areas. Another important city in Malaysia which many of us might be considering a visit is Kedah. In Kedah, a few of the notable pickup points are Alor Setar Airport and Kuala Kedah. Another famous place in Kedah is Langkawi Island from where you can get your ride. This is a famous tourist attraction. Many people just hire their car herein to enjoy a leisurely drive and absorb the beauty of the place. You will get cars for hire throughout the day and starts from a price of MYR110.

An added advantage if you book your car here is that, you need not return the car at the exact place from where you have booked it. You can return it at any other place in Malaysia.