Kusu Island Available Ferry Service

The southern part of Singapore is strikingly beautiful with the three exotic islands – Kusu Island, St. John Island and Sisters’ Island.  Here we will talk about Kusu Island. Kusu is situated in about 5.6 kilometers of distance from the south of the Singapore main island. The name Kusu denotes “Tortoise” or “Turtle” in Chinese and in Malay this island is known as Peak Island or Pulau Tembakul.

Little about Kusu Island

17 Kusu Island - A Pilgrimage Visit [龟屿进香] @ Singapore (Large)

There are legends that a magical giant turtle turning itself into an island to save two shipwrecked sailors – one was Malay and another Chinese. It is supposed that the two grateful sailors returned to the island to give thanks and others sustained the institution. Another legend is that in earlier days Kusu looked like a turtle. Initially Kusu Island was two little extensions on a reef, but in later time it was distended and changed into an island holiday resort of 85,000 square meters. Within this huge holiday resort there are now three Malay shrines – “keramats” and a Chinese temple on Kusu Island. And close to the resort, there is Tortoise Sanctuary – home of hundreds of tortoises.

About Kusu Island holiday

Presently Kusu Island is one of the most well developed islands of southern Singapore. This Island is popularly known for its support to the steady creek of worshippers to the Malay and Chinese shrines on the island. There are two swimming lagoons in Kusu Island which make the island more popular destination for day-trippers. Besides the mystifying variety of hard corals and soft corals here make the place more to explore.

On other Southern Shores people can also experience animals comprising anemone shrimps, giant clams, clown anemone fishes, and a wide variety of crabs other fishes. Marine life is one of the most attractive features to the tourists.  Not only the island is wonderful, but the way people reach Kusu is also amazing. The best way to reach Kusu from mainland is the ferry to Kusu Island from Singapore. This water way is also striking and makes the journey as enjoyable as it is on the Kusu Island itself.

Ferry service in Kusu Island

Due to the attractiveness and religious fame, Kusu Island has become overcrowded day by day.  The visitors choose the ferry service as most reliable transport option to reach Kusu. However, the ferry to Kusu Island is always on high demand and that’s why there is no prior booking system offered. The ferry service is available on the first come first basis.

Depending on the availability extra ferry to Kusu Island could be arranged, but it is available at scheduled time only. One must know that the ferries are not available at any time, rather there is fixed Kusu Island ferry schedule from Singapore. But anyone who likes to have a private ferry should book it prior to the journey. Generally it takes only 15 minutes to reach Kusu from Singapore mainland.

Enjoying a trip to Malaysia

Are you planning to visit Malaysia anytime soon? Malaysia is one of the most popular travelling and tourism destinations in the world, especially in the South East Asian Region. People from across the globe come to visit Malaysia for their holidays. If you are coming with a travelling agent or tourism company, then there is nothing that you need to think much about your convenience or comfort.

But, if you are one of those, who want to plan their travelling itineraries on their own and save a lot of money, then you can certainly follow this guideline for your trip. When you are travelling in Malaysia, you don’t want to miss out the ETS train service like KTM Johor Bahru. Malaysia is well connected with all its major and minor cities, towns and many of the Borneo islands. Even the neighbouring countries of Thailand and Singapore are also well connected with these major cities.

Travelling to Cameron highlands:


If you like green mountains with the clouds floating above and waterfalls and tranquil forests here and there, then Cameron Highland is the place that will simply stun you. You can visit this place from any part of the country when you travel in Malaysia. Cameron Highlands is well connected with buses and trains and it will cost very cheap to travel by these modes of conveyance.

Visiting Taman Negara:

Those, who are more drawn towards the national parks and wildlife, must visit Taman Negara, one of the oldest tropical rainforests that you can visit in this world. It is home to many endangered species. Tourists often come to this place from Kuala Lumpur and hence, you will find a number of buses and trains that will take you to this place.

Spending some time at Langkawi:

This archipelago in the Andaman Sea that clubs together about 99 islands is the most loved sea beach and coastal place in the country. You will find a number of ferries that will take you to Langkawi Island. You can choose the ferry that will suit your travelling time and you can certainly choose the port of your travel.  Just make sure that you book your ferry ticket on time, for a confirmed reservation.

Where to buy tickets for travelling?

Now that you have known the three major places of interest that you must visit when you travel in Malaysia, you need to know about the right place to purchase the tickets. There are many online ticket booking sites available in Malaysia that will help you to book your tickets online. You do not have to rush to the railway station or the bus stop to buy these tickets. These sites will offer you the options available for the buses and trains as well as the ferries and you can choose the one that suits your time. The best part of these sites is that you will also be able to ensure discounts that you will not find anywhere else.

Important Tips For Langkawi Car Rental


There are different variables you have to think seriously about when taking a gander at auto rental destinations, whether you are going for business or delight. Enlisting a vehicle can be such an extraordinary affair, particularly when investigating another city interestingly. The langkawi car rental service offers you an opportunity to examine at your speed your gathering and depend on open transport. Besides, or it studies in light of another person’s timetable.


Car Rental Service in Pulau Langkawi Airport

While auto rental is an administration utilized by individuals around the globe regularly, there are various things you have to know not you bring down your expense and get the vast majority of your experience.

A standout amongst the most imperative tips you will discover helpful is be cautious when picking a vehicle. Recall that you are driving in a weird city, perhaps on the opposite side of the street to what you are used to doing so not employ the greatest auto you can discover. Maybe contract an auto that you will feel great driving, additionally that is only the right size for your gathering.

You will find that the car accessible will as well change in cost with littler vehicles being less to lease over a timeframe. Another favorable position to picking a littler car at Langkawi car rental is it will cost you less for fuel, regardless of the possibility that the organization offers you boundless mileage. You will in any case be in charge you could call your fuel, therefore, exploit smaller car to save cash on your general expense.



Pulau Langkawi Airport – Revamp

Continuously book your vehicle ahead of time. Numerous auto rental organizations from Kuala Lumpur city offer limited time rebates in the event that you book ahead of time. When you have your travel dates affirmed begin looking for vehicle contract agency and secure you are occupying. Regardless of the possibility that you spare a couple percent on the value, this can go towards fuel and assist you with sparring over the long haul.

Keep in mind be careful about organizations that charge too low a cost. An organization that charges impressively not exactly alternate agency in the territory ought to raise a warning for you. It implies they do not have a remarkable notoriety, or they charge for additional items, which implies over the long haul you could wind up paying more than anticipated.

Guarantee you are mindful of all incorporations that are in the value you have been cited, if you are uncertain check with the organization before affirming you are occupying and paying any stores. Considerations can be anything from boundless kilometers to protection thus a great deal more. Try not to car rental arrangements that do exclude protection against mishap and robbery, keeping you ensured at all times, especially in the airport area.

Continuously get the last cost from the organization for your whole span before booking. Approach the agency for the last figure, regardless of the possibility that you plan to book online and get the last quote in highly contrasting. Print it out and keep it with you when you travel, along these lines you are not shocked by shrouded additional items you never got informed. By requesting the last quote in high contrast, the main other you may be accused of is the overabundance in the event that you are included in a mishap.

My next research – Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur is one of the most popular travel and tourism destinations in the South East Asian region. May people from across the globe plan their holidays in this capital city of the island country of Malaysia. This is the most visited travel destination in this region, because of the amazing landmarks, wonderful technological advancements and also the beautiful natural landscape that one can get all in one single trip.


Indian Food…

If you are an Indian and are looking for some fellow Indians in this city, then you must visit the small to medium sized town or rather a neighbourhood just outside the central Kuala Lumpur, namely the Brickfields. There is a high percentage of Indians in this region and that is why, Indian stores, restaurants, art and handicraft elements and items are available here in almost all of the stores, set up by the Indian businessmen here. Whether you are travelling by a car or by a local mode of conveyance, you must visit this place, for your quest of a bit of Indian-ness here.

A good car rental in Kuala Lumpur service is the best way for you to visit this neighbourhood, a user-friendly one is easybook car rental kuala lumpur.  Although you will have to walk down the alleys and streets to go through all the stores and restaurants in here, but for visiting from one end to the other, having a car will be the best. Even if you are planning to cover more than one tourist spots for visiting in one day, along with Little India, you can manage to do so, if you rent a car.

It is a perfect destination for the travellers to enjoy the traditional Indian food on banana leaf or Indian sweets. If you are an avid Indian food lover, then this is the best place for you to buy Indian spices and all kinds of Indian snacks and foods. Not only the food, but also the Indian handicrafts and textiles as well as art items are available here.


It is not only the Indians, who have their own community established in the heart of the city, but also the Chinese are there. Those, who have a deep liking for Chinese food like fresh and hot soups, stir fried foods as well as the Chinese dirt-cheap goods like imitation goods of branded and designer items; then this is the place that you must visit. People often come here by a rented car and bargain hard to buy Chinese spices, fashion and home décor goods and also electronic items. Visiting the Chinatown on Petaling Street is absolutely easy. Just choose your personal rented car and visit anywhere and everywhere across Kuala Lumpur on your own.

My take on car rental in malaysia

It is like a dream come true for many of us who are looking forward to a well-planned vacation in Malaysia. You can also drive around the beautiful cities of this country and thoroughly enjoy yourself in a car of your choice. Don’t worry; you don’t need your own car to do so. You just need to select your preferred rental service. If you are thinking about your budget, instead of doing so, just visit the site of Easybook Here’s the link: easybook.com/car.

Below is one of the sample of car I book from easybook when I need it at KLIA airport.


You will see that even your budget has been taken care of, as you will get to choose from some of the cheapest service of Malaysia.

You need to decide your pickup location in advance. Hence make a note of which city you will going to first and more precisely your point of pickup. The other things you will be requiring are your date of pickup and return as well as the time. Once you mention those things in the site, you will be rewarded with loads of options to choose from. Just go ahead and pick up your favorite agency or car brand. If you are done with your selection, it will be followed with some simple steps to pay and book your car.

You might be going to visit the beautiful state of Penang (Penang Tourism) on your trip to Malaysia. Even then you will get the benefits of the affordable rental car services. You might be visiting the city for the first time and it is common in such cases to book a taxi at a higher price. However, the online platform serves you the benefit of paying the usual price and enjoying your travel without any hassles. You will get to choose from Toyota to Hyundai and many more, at a price starting from MYR100. If you are choosing Easybook to book your car rental service in Penang, you should be aware about the pickup points that are available. There are three of them and all are tourist favorite spots. The first one is Ayer Itam while the next one is the major township in Perai. The last one is in Penang Island.

A GPS connection might be a helpful assistant if you wish to drive on your own. This will help you out if you lose your way while exploring all the magnificent areas. Another important city in Malaysia which many of us might be considering a visit is Kedah. In Kedah, a few of the notable pickup points are Alor Setar Airport and Kuala Kedah. Another famous place in Kedah is Langkawi Island from where you can get your ride. This is a famous tourist attraction. Many people just hire their car herein to enjoy a leisurely drive and absorb the beauty of the place. You will get cars for hire throughout the day and starts from a price of MYR110.

An added advantage if you book your car here is that, you need not return the car at the exact place from where you have booked it. You can return it at any other place in Malaysia.

Prepare my next destination Subang

Subang Jaya is situated in Klang Valley, Selangor, Malaysia. My friend in Tokyo, Japan called me up in Kawasaki and invited me for a perpetual vacation in Subang Jaya. Though, I never heard of Subang Jaya but I agreed on one condition that I would take my work along with me.


Eventually, both us met at Haneda Airport also known as Tokyo International Airport. At the Airport waiting lounge, I realized that I was quite unprepared as I didn’t pack several important stuffs. But, I didn’t worry as my best friend was along with me. He had a huge backpack with him along with heavy check in luggage.

I inquired about his luggage and he replied back that he planned to stay on a perpetual basis at Subang Jaya. We boarded our airline and reached safely at Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport in Selangor, Malaysia.

As usual, upon exiting the airport, we straight away pick up our car rental Kuala Lumpur where we booked online earlier and traveled Sunway Lagoon Resort. Surprisingly, we reached within few minutes as we took Subang Airport Highway. It helped us to avoid the rush hour resulting to smooth ride.

The Sunway Lagoon Resort is quite interesting theme park. It is internationally renowned for its rides and hospitality. We quickly checked into one of the best suites and readied ourselves for lunch. I quickly unpackaged my luggage and wore a comfortable dress to match the recreational activities planned for the evening.

My friend was hungry as he didn’t eat anything since we landed in Selangor. Fortunately, there were several restaurants with delicacies and fusion dishes from India, China and Italy etc. We opted for spicy Malaysian curry along with prawn and chicken.

The dish was great as it cooked in front of us with coconut curry and Malaysian & Indian spices. I asked my chef to put fewer chilis as I prefer moderate spicy food. The dish was served quickly with chopsticks and fork. The wooden chopsticks reminded me of my previous trip in Hong Kong.

We quickly ate our dish and went straight towards our rented car and drove all evening seeing various places such as Subang Ria Park and SS15 Commercial Park. The Subang Ria Park was truly splendid as it boosted a beautiful lake along with famous sea food restaurant. We dined over there for dinner. The restaurant served some of the great dishes. We had a hearty meal and enjoyed our trip to the fullest.

My first backpacking trip

forestKuantan, Malaysia is my backpacking trip. This is the first place I would be going to visit and perform my cultural research. Kuantan is quite famous for its beaches and water sport activities. There are several places to visit in Kuantan. I personally prefer the water park along with the snake island named as Pulau Ular. We planned a trip to Kuantan by car. It is said that travelling through car is the best mode of transportation. I booked a car online along with chauffeur service. It proved to be truly beneficial as none of us knew how to drive. Our chauffeur guided us throughout the whole way. We stopped at few places for lunch and continued on our journey towards Kuantan. It is situated in the east coast of peninsular Malaysia. After traveling for so many weeks in Malaysia, I would admit that Malaysia is truly gifted with natural beauty, forests, islands along with variety of flora and fauna.

Our chauffeur drove us through East Coast Highway. It took us around 4-5 hours as we stopped in between our journey. The journey through car was splendid. We saw several villages and greenery. The roads were pretty neat & clean as it seemed as if our car was gliding on the road. Upon reaching Kuantan, Pahang, we checked into Hyatt Regency Kuantan Resort. Can you imagine we stayed in this 5 star resort? Here is the video…

Though, the Hyatt Regency is quite expensive but it’s worth every penny as it has range from facilities. Our room was huge with twin beds, high speed internet connectivity, sauna bath along with external features such as gym, spa etc.

We relaxed in our air conditioned room and watch movies on television. The hotel staffs were sober and guided us through various attractions available on Kuantan. Since, we were hungry, so we freshen up fast and headed towards Crocodile Rock Pizza & Grill Restaurant. It is one of the best restaurants in Kuantan. Its charges are quite pricey but the music jamming session really entertains us. Moreover, it is beautifully decorated with gardens all around. The music jamming session attracts hundreds of customers. It was quite difficult for us to book a table in the restaurant but eventually we sat and discussed freely about our trip.

In the beginning, we were quite confused with the meal but eventually ordered a rice and noodle dish with prawns & chicken. We ate our sumptuous meal with delight. My appetite was full and we went back to our hotel room at Hyatt Regency.

Later, our chauffer took us to East Coast Mall for shopping. There were several international brands & fashion labels at East Coast Mall such as Padini Concept Store, Giordano, Clarks etc. We bought apparels, souvenirs, wines and several toys for our family and friends. It was a great shopping experience as we enjoyed quite a lot.

The prices for each product were cheap and reliable. Our chauffeur took us to several other malls with bowling and snooker centers. We played quite a lot and watched Hollywood movies at Teruntum Complex. It has several big screens with quality sound performance and graphics.
I felt really blessed at Teruntum Complex due to its calm and compose atmosphere.

Though, there were several tourists and locals all around but the atmosphere inside the movie hall was quite spectacular. After spending quality time at movie complex, our chauffeur took us straight to Kuantan beaches. The beaches were pristine as beautiful. We clicked pictures with majestic tital waves in the background. The waves came crashing on us but we headed straight towards Sungai Padan Water Fall. The water fall was really majestic as its cascading water mesmerized us. We sat near the waterfall and it was quite secluded. We spoke freely and relaxed on the mat.

Surprisingly, there were 2 waterfalls namely

Sungai Berkelah Waterfall & Jerangkang Waterfall.

Both of them are incredible as they boast natural beauty of Kuantan and its surrounding region. We truly felt that it was worthwhile to travel Kuantan as it has wide variety of attractions and places to visit. Apart from waterfall, there are several small zoo and beautiful parks which boosts its natural attractions to tourists coming from far off places. We are grateful to our chauffeur who guided and helped us dedicatedly. Later, we reached our hotel safely and ordered delicious meals in our hotel room. Overall, it was really amazing.

The Journey begins here

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